Film Review: The Switch

1 Sep

Last night I had tickets to a special preview of latest rom-com The Switch, starring Jennifer ‘I’m no longer Rachel but I will insist on playing characters like her for the REST OF MY LIFE’ Aniston at Leicester Square’s Empire Cinema.

So, what’s it all about, and is it any good?

Kassie, a 40-year-old singleton, is being deafened by the tick-tocking of her biological clock. Worried that her time is up and tired of waiting for the ideal man to come sweep her off her feet, she sticks a finger up at convention and goes on the hunt for a sperm donor.

It’s all a bit much for ex-boyfriend turned best friend Wally (Jason Bateman), who decides on a drunken whim to switch the donated sperm for his own.

You’ve already guessed the ending…I’d love to tell you you’re wrong and it’s as ‘offbeat’ as the producers would have us think, but considering The Switch is the latest endeavour from the people who brought us Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, it’s a disappointingly obvious rom-com.

It’s not a complete waste of popcorn however. Jason Bateman is a charming enough protagonist and there’s a nice, if fluffy, performance from Jeff Goldblum as Wally’s best friend. Jennifer Aniston meanwhile plays a single mum that Rachel Green would be proud of.

But the undoubted star of the show has to be Kassie’s little boy, Sebastian. Played by newcomer Thomas Robinson, the weirdly gloomy little kid with saucer eyes has the best lines in the script. With some genuinely touching moments, I defy your heartstrings to not be tugged at least a few times.

With a quirkier script maybe it would have seemed smarter, or maybe I’m just a moody old grump who expects too much from a rom-com. But where Juno and Little Miss Sunshine probe into the darker emotions within the comedy, The Switch just teeters around the edge.

The Switch isn’t a bad film. It’s just a shame it’s not a good one either.


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