Frankie Cocozza gets booted off X Factor- but who’s laughing now??

9 Nov

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So, the biggest news in today’s tabloids is that wannabe rock star Frankie Cocozza has been booted off the X Factor after allegedly boasting about ‘cocaine-fuelled sex sessions’. For anyone who’s managed to stay an X Factor free zone (HOW DO YOU DO IT? You should write a self-help book), Frankie, he-of-big-hair-and-tight-trouser, was rubbish at singing but good at being a LAD. X Factor producers hyped him up as a loveable rogue type character, constantly going on about his party animal lifestyle and eye for the laydeez. You sort of hated him but couldn’t tear your eyes away. A kind of skinny jean clad car crash, if you will.


Anyway so apparently enough was enough over the weekend (Dermot announced to the world that Frankie had had just half an hour’s sleep the night before), and along come The Boot. Daybreak was typically Daily Mail about the whole thing this morning and spent a good twenty minutes ranting on about ‘wasted opportunities’ and the importance of positive role models on TV blah blah blah. I especially enjoyed one comment that Frankie’s debauched behaviour was perhaps a knock-on effect of Amy Winehouse’s legacy. Um, yeah, because she’s done SO well out of that one hasn’t she (kind of would explain Frankie’s hair though, i suppose?).

Anyway, I can’t help but think getting booted off the show in a blaze of controversy is so much better for your career/ general infamy than just plain old getting-voted-out-cos-like-no-one-likes-you. I like to think that Cocozza is sitting at home in a smoking jacket sipping a fine merlot and rubbing his fingers together with glee at the success of his media strategy. He was NEVER going to win X Factor. And that, strangely enough, was his strong point. With the exemptions of Leona and Alexandra Burke, I can hardly remember any of the X Factor winners; the runners-up do much better and seem to somehow maintain an inch more credibility (I’m thinking JLS). It’s not rock n roll to go on a reality TV show, but wouldn’t you rather be remembered for being a bit of d*ck than completely forgotten? Plus, think of the redemption possibilities.. a book deal, career as a life coach, TV presenter (hey, if Richard Bacon’s still at it…).

In one live show, Frankie sang The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’. He might not get to discover the answer from the audience, but now he’s able to charge £3,000 for a personal nightclub appearance, I imagine he really doesn’t give a sh*t. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is rock n roll.


One Response to “Frankie Cocozza gets booted off X Factor- but who’s laughing now??”

  1. Julie P. November 16, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    Great review! As you already know, I loved this book! SO much fun to look at and it actually worked as a novel too.

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