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Wink Murder by Ali Knight: silly title, promising debut

5 Dec

How well do we really know the people we love? Ali Knight keeps it close to home in this nail-biting debut about a woman forced to consider whether her husband is capable of murder. Released in paperback last month, it’s the story of stay-at-home mum Kate Forman, for whom life is perfect until the evening her husband Paul returns from a night out covered in blood, mumbling ‘I killed her.’ When one of Paul’s beautiful, young employees is found brutally murdered, Kate can’t ignore the mounting evidence and is forced to question what she should prioritise- trust or the truth.

“The experience of a partner rolling home late at night after an evening you weren’t party to is one we’ve all shared,” explains BBC journalist turned author Knight. “I simply pushed it further.” The result is a tight-plotted, too-close-for-comfort thriller that races to the finish. Told entirely from Kate’s perspective, it keeps the truth tantalisingly out of reach until the very end – is what we’re experiencing real, or is it blurred by Kate’s paranoia? Fast-paced and disquieting, Knight’s promising debut hints that she may one day be a competitor for Sophie Hannah’s ‘Queen of Suspense’ crown.

Anyone read any other good psychological thrillers recently?

This post is adapted from my review for Stylist magazine