Cure for a moody Monday: Danny Wallace

14 May

I know how you’re feeling. It’s Monday. It’s rainy. All you want to do is eat carbs and watch Jamie hit Spencer in Made in Chelsea. But FEAR NOT, Danny Wallace can cure everything. 

Here’s my review of his first novel, published in today’s Emerald Street newsletter (go and sign up for their Reading Room weekly reviews). 

Danny Wallace Charlotte StreetIf the weather’s got you down, this is the book to lift your spirits. Yes Man genius and award-winning ShortList columnist Danny Wallace has just released his new novel.

It stars the down-and-out Jason Priestley, a recently-dumped wannabe journalist with a passion for Polish spirits and drunken Facebook disasters. After sharing a moment with a woman on Charlotte Street, he’s left with nothing more than a fleeting memory – and her left-behind disposable camera. Cue a madcap quest to find the mysterious woman (and himself) as Jason develops the photos – and an obsession.

Written with the charmingly awkward humour that Wallace is renowned for, this re-take on the classic boy-meets-girl story made us snort on the tube more than we’d like to admit.

Capable of switching from hilarious to endearing in a few sentences, it builds on Yes Man’s theme of ‘making it happen’ through the brilliantly believable characters (video-game fanatic and dreamer Dev is a friend we all want). Heart-warming without being cheesy, it’s a relatable modern love story.

And we’re not the only ones who think so – the film rights have already been snapped up by British movie giants Working Title.

Click here to download the first chapter for free, courtesy of Emerald Street.


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