Write good stuff, win sparkly stuff: Tatty Devine teams up with The Ministry of Stories

7 Nov

Tatty Devine Ministry of Stories

How’s this for a killer combination: quirky jewellery company Tatty Devine has teamed up with Hoxton Street Monster Supplies to create a new line of spooky necklaces, with all proceeds going to the Ministry of Stories.


I keep meaning to trek down to Monster Supplies (I’m desperate to get my hands on David Nicholl’s Heebie Jeebies and I’ve heard the Cubed Earwax is simply divine). Lurking behind the store front is the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing centre for kids founded by Nick Hornby and supported by the likes of Zadie Smith and Dominic Cooper. The centre focuses on mentoring youngsters to help foster their creative writing skills with the aim of building confidence and self-respect. It’s an amazing concept and so bloody cool – if only I could pass for 18 I’d be in there like a shot (sadly there’s not enough Creme de Mer in the world…).

The good news is that you don’t have to be under 18 to win your own piece of wonderful weirdness. Enter Tatty Devine’s Monster Flashfiction Competition by tweeting a mini-story inspired by one of the words from the collection and you could be in luck (check out the rules here). Don’t forget to add the hashtag #monster140. Literary cool dude (and writer of Submarine, one of my favourite books of all time) Joe Dunthorne will be judging the entries.

Here’s my entry… 

The little furball smiled adoringly, revealing its 1st white fang: “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you AARGHHH” #monster140

Let me know your favourite flashfiction tweets! 


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