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Is Alex Turner a modern day poet or a wannabe? New track R U Mine puts the Arctic Monkey’s songwriting skills under the spotlight…

27 Feb

Twitter was ablaze today with love-laden tweets for the Arctic Monkeys‘ brand new track which was released mysteriously on their website. R U Mine? (spelling sticklers take a deep breath), a proper old school rock n roll track that reeks deliciously of leathers, cigarettes and promiscuous groupies, is being haled as a real return to form for the Sheffield boys who are currently touring with The Black Keys in the US. I am already obsessed with it.

All this dizzying excitement has made me remember just what a great songwriter Alex Turner is (despite the questionable new hairdo), from the unique story-telling of A Certain Romance back in the early days to the slightly barmy and ridiculously passionate She’s Thunderstorms on the latest album Suck It And See. There’s something quirky, poetic and surprising in every track. Plus anyone that can get a Mecca dauber reference into a track is flipping amazing, let’s be honest.

So, in honour of the Arctic Monkeys buzz this evening let’s have a nice bedtime story as told by the man of the moment himself. This short story below was written back in 2008 to form part of bandmate Matt Helder’s Late Night Tales compilation and I think is very reminiscent of Joe Dunthorne.

Sorry about the slightly naff Youtube link I’ve found, but consider it like subtitles for Southerners / non-Brits…


Whose songs make you go all ridiculous and drive you to write tenuous blog posts?! Let me know…


Today I would quite like to be… Alice Gold

16 May

Flipping love this. Makes me want to grow a fringe, wear a floaty dress and skip down the streets of Montmartre. C’est top x

January Quick Fire Reviews

18 Jan

BOOK: Snowdrops by A.D. Miller
Out now, Atlantic Books, £12.99
When Nicholas moves to Moscow for work, he suffers from an extreme culture shock, struggling to get used to the bitter cold, the debauched nightlife and his colleagues’ distinct lack of morals. But when he falls for the mysterious Masha, he’s also seduced by a hedonistic lifestyle of clubbing, vodka and sex. When Masha asks him to help her family, he quickly finds himself involved in a complicated web of deceit.

Narrated by Nicholas as a confession to his fiancée, this psychological drama is a dark, sparkling tale of corruption that compels you to read on.

CD: Stand Still by Emma’s Imagination
Out now, £7.93, Amazon.co.uk

She’s hailed as the Next Big Thing after winning Must Be The Music and getting snapped up by Gary Barlow’s record label, but Glasgow girl Emma Gillespie isn’t one of your headline-grabbing show-stoppers. Instead, the focus is on her pure, folk-style voice, and her ability to write beautiful acoustic pop songs. This Day and Brighter Greener lift the spirits while the spine-tingling Focus and quiet longing of Falling Slowly add depth, although songs about daisies, fairy lights and butterflies can become a little saccharine at times.

A nice collection of easy-listening pop with a few gems, but we’re not sure if there’s enough ‘wow’ factor for Emma to be able to compete with the strong female singers around right now.

BOOK: Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen
Out now, Atlantic Books, £8.99

When her husband leaves her for a man and she’s the victim of a bone-crushing car accident in the same week, Janzen decides she has little choice but to move back home with her parents – and back to the Christian sect she grew up in. A New York Times bestseller, this frank and funny memoir will have you chuckling and cringing at the same time.

A survival story for anyone who’s found themselves back at square one.

The Switch, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, movie, film, promo

The Switch poster

DVD: The Switch
Out now, £10.99, Amazon.co.uk

Jennifer Aniston stars as single girl Kassie in this offbeat rom-com about a last-minute sperm donor switch. It’s not much of a departure for Jen, but an endearing performance from Jason Bateman and the comic irony of Jeff Goldblum make this modern love story sharper than your average. That said, it’s six-year-old Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) and his pessimistic one-liners that end up stealing the show.

Pssst… We reviewed this in more detail a few months ago – click here to see what we said.

Punktuation: How Hurts are hampering my happiness

5 Sep

Arrrgh. I hate it when a new band with a grammatically challenging name is pronounced the Next Best Thing. Lately, I can’t so much as THINK of turning on the TV or opening up a magazine without being confronted by new wunderband Hurts.

I quite like them, don’t get me wrong (their album was almost on a loop when I was working at Company magazine this summer), but since they refuse to use a definite article (where’s the ‘The’?!) I have no choice but to blacklist them.

Now, I know this has been done before. Look at Editors. To clarify, I am speaking about the band and not just a random gaggle of people with an eye for a typo (you SEE what happens?!). And them there Klaxons and Foals are also at it. Why oh WHY is everyone insisting on running around with names that cause sentences to sound silly and wallyish (just because I make up words doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to moan about gimpish grammar, aiiite?).

Let us take Foals, shall we? If I hear a sentence like “the latest track by Foals”, I am instantly getting images of baby doe-eyed horses twiddling with DJ knobs and thrashing away on guitars, perhaps before going for a nice afternoon nap with mummy horse.

In a similar way, if I bought an album by Fawns, I might expect a nursery rhyme remix of Doe, A Deer.

Admittedly, the difficulty is mostly derived from the fact that Foals is a bloody stupid name with or without the ‘the’. Don’t get me started on Klaxons (it is a truth universally acknowledge that a generic group of horns cannot a very good record make).

But I swear everything would make a little more self if they just called themselves The Foals (it’s like, metaphorical, right?) or The Klaxons (ahhh they’re a physical representation of a cacophonous noise-maker!). This makes sense. All is well.

However, Hurts had to go a flipping step further didn’t they? I can’t picture a hurt. If I try, the best I can come up with is something like a giant plaster or at a push, a contorted morose face. It’s certainly not conjuring up the images of the Bros look-a-like indie beauts that I see when I check Google Images.

Happiness by Hurts it out now, my TV tells me. So, what do we reckon? Are they saying they’re a collective group of pains? Or are they banging on about the fact that something, an indeterminable, is giving them jip- have they had a booboo?

Or are they just being annoyingly random and non-committal and causing me to spend more than a few minutes harping on about how ridiculous and insolvable this grammatical conundrum REALLY IS?

Style Stalking at V Festival

1 Sep

I went to V Festival this year and did some style spotting for Company magazine‘s website (click here to see the gallery). I had a brilliant time running around and meeting a lot of beautiful festival fashionistas, but unfortunately not all the pics made the website. Here’s the complete collection – how these girls manage to emerge from grubby tents looking so glam i have NO idea.