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WANTED: Cool book podcasts…

6 Feb

Doing the washing up the other day (yawnnnn) I decided I fancied a bit of intellectual stimulation to accompany my cleaning, so I got on Google and tried to find a decent book podcast. I’m not really fussy in terms of content, an author interview, reviews, random lists.. I’m easily pleased. But what I don’t like is the fact that most book podcasts seem to be laced with tranquillisers. I love Mariella Frostrup, ain’t no one know a book like that lady, but can’t help but be put off by her BBC-tuned pronunciations and her voice, as soft and velvety as a Werthers Original munching grandma’s. Sorry Mariella.

I know there are cool book people out there (you subscribe to my blog, right?!), so I’m asking – what podcasts do you rate? Any recommendations?

My personal fave, one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest, is the Bookslam podcast. Bookslam is London’s coolest literary night, a big soiree of books, poets, actors and live music, put together with plenty of gin and not a whiff of pretentiousness about it. I am also kind of obsessed with it ever since I went to a session last year and met David Nicholls… aherm…

Ahhh yes.

Coming back to the real world, Bookslam is ace, and the podcast equally so. Go and listen to it now.

NO wait – first, tell me your fave book podcast.. please.. I have so much washing up to do it’s UNREAL.